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Chapter:28                      Make Out or Break Out

Marco's words ran through her mind again and again. She fought to dismiss them, but only succumbed further. Her heart fluttered and pounded furiously. The words rang out once more...."Elsa, I love you." Her lips trembled a bit. The Valencian kept his gaze, his light eyes looking deep into her. What would she say? What would happen? Pros....Cons? Elsa thought to herself as fast as she could. Conceal....don't feel? Feel....don't conceal? There were those words again, "Elsa, I love you." She knew in her heart that he meant it this time. He spoke with never-before-seen confidence, and great conviction. She saw a new Marco. One with a courageous fire burning inside of him. He was such a handsome man...some of the facial hair could go...but he was gorgeous and well-groomed nonetheless. He had a deep, yet soothing tone of voice. She could now see why the Valencian women so easily flocked to him. The words echoed for the third time, "Elsa, I love you." He....loved her. Would she love him? Rapunzel's advice echoed. She had to dig down deep. Passed the sadness of failed suitors. Looking far beyond solitude and letting her heart be her guide. She spoke from her heart, opening her mouth to say...


The snow queen looked down at her mouth with a raised brow. Marco flashed a bewildered glance. "Elsa.....Did you just meow?"

Both heard a second meow and turned to the cell's window to see a grey feline. "Charlie!", Elsa rejoiced.

Anna scooted the cat over so that she could peer in. "Elsa! Marco! You're alive!" She scratched Charlie's ears. "Good kitty."

Kristoff scooted Anna over so that he could take a look. "We'll have you guys out in no time."

"We need to find the keys.", whispered Quentin. "Charlie! Find." The cat nodded and slid through the bars. He made his way down the cellblock, searching for keys.

Anna kissed her boyfriend. "I'll be back."

"Woah, where are you going now?"

"To find Quinn!", she ran away.

Kristoff's eyes widened, "Anna wait-.....aaaaand she's gone."

Marco tugged at his shackles, "It's great to see you all safe. What about Sven and Olaf?"

The mountain man pet his reindeer. "Sven's here. And Olaf is-.....aaaaaand he's gone."

A Sea Wraith parked his carriage full of food and went in to negotiate prices. Amidst the piles of sausage links, was a pair of pigtails. Princess Anna slowly crept out of the cart and dashed behind a wall. She peered inside to see a tavern full of boisterous brigands, clinking glasses and laughing loudly. Upon getting a closer look, Anna spotted the burnt man with Quinn!

"Alright mateys.", he began. "I've something to wager." He placed the bottle with Quinn on the table. "A rare, gorgeous, snow fairy."

The men looked with curious eyes until one pointed out, "Are there airholes in that bottle?"

The burnt man began to sweat, "Ummmm no?"

"Cause she's dead."

"What?!" They looked down to see Quinn laying motionless at the base of the bottle. "Ewwww.", grimaced the burnt man. He pulled out the cork and let her flop on the table. "Someone touch it."

"I ain't touchin that.", said a Wraith.

"Don't look at me.", added another.

The burnt man facepalmed. "So you'll murder people....but you won't poke a dead fairy?"

"Well you ain't pokin it either."

The burnt man scratched his head. "But that's cause I hate bugs."

"WHO YOU CALLIN A BUG? CHUMP!", exclaimed Quinn as she rose to her feet and flew to the chandelier. "You idiots fell for the oldest trick in the book!" She unhooked the chandelier and sent it crashing on the brutes.

The burnt man emerged with a yell, "Get....that......FAIRY!"

Anna watched from the window as Quinn evaded the men. "Wow."

"Double wow.", chuckled Olaf.

Anna leapt in surprise. "Olaf! How long were you following me?"

"Since you disguised yourself as a string of sausages."

The two watched as Quinn flew across the bar, dodging knives, bottles, and even furniture. One man even threw an entire table at her! Quinn fluttered with a smirk and flew into a Sea Wraith's hat. She then quickly flew out and spectated as everyone bashed the man's head, thinking she was still under. She couldn't stop laughing as they hit him with  bottles, chairs, and finally an entire table! The burnt man huffed, "Who the heck keeps throwing entire tables?!"

A lowly Sea Wraith pointed behind him, "That would be Table-Toss Tim."

The hulking man smiled through his red beard while holding yet another table.

The wounded man emerged from the wreckage with a tremendous headache, barely able to move. "Did you get her?", he said in his daze. "Cause I'm seeing fairies everywheeeeeeere." He fell over, out cold.

"Hey geniuses!", said Quinn after a sharp whistle. "Lookin for me?" She zipped ad weaved between their legs, spotting Anna and Olaf outside. With a burst of speed, she soared for them, only to crash into an invisible forcefield. She slid down, her face plastered against it while muttering, ""

Anna quickly hoisted the pane and grabbed Quinn. "Come on Olaf!", she called as he joined the escape.

The snowman grinned. "Wait! I have a better idea." He led them back to the food cart as they hopped on and untied it. Everyone held on as food flung everywhere and they went rolling down the enclave's rocky interior.

Charlie snuck across the dungeon until he spotted the Sea Wraith warden strolling by. He whistled and swirled the keys in his hands.

"He's still winking at us...isn't he?", groaned Jasmine.

Belle looked to see Cisco winking and blowing kisses from the adjacent cell. "Yep."

"Is that a cat?", wondered Ariel. The princesses peered through the bars to see Charlie sneaking up behind the warden. "Coming from a princess who has talking fish friends, I'd say that kitty's trying to grab the keys."

"He'll need some help.", smirked Jasmine. "Play along." She gave Ariel a shove. "For the last time, I'M prettier than you!"

Ariel caught on. "You wish! Not even a shark would kiss you!"

"Girls!", barked Belle as she broke up the fight. "Stop this stupidity......everyone knows I'm the most beautiful." Her words prompted further conflict as the girls tussled.

"Ey!", snapped the warden. "Pipe down in there! Knock it off!"

Ariel was biting Jasmine's leg when she heard him and asked, "Mr. Pirate? Which one of us is the most beautiful?"

He glared at them as all three beauties made adorable pouty faces. The man began to sweat. "! I mean.....You're all so...lovely."

"Don't be lying now." , winked Jasmine. "You know I'm the best."

The man hesitated, "I...I guess you are."

Ariel and Belle pretended to be upset while Jasmine spoke in an alluring tone. "Good choice...erm...handsome." The man was uglier than a troll, with his fat nose and blackened teeth. "How's about a kiss?" He smiled through his hideous teeth and leaned in. Their lips were about to meet when Jasmine headbutt him unconscious!

Charlie grabbed the keys in his mouth and prepared to wander off. Instead, he turned to see Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel sticking their arms through the cell and calling, "Here kitty kitty kitty." He came a bit closer as Belle grabbed the keys and set them free. Before they could keep moving, Charlie snagged the keys back and scampered down the hall.

"Where's the furball off to?", wondered Ariel.

"Let's find out.", nodded Belle.

"HEY!", screamed Cisco. "What about me? Get me out of here!"

"Sorry. Cat's got the key.", scoffed Jasmine.

Charlie dashed back to Marco and Elsa's cell. The snow queen's face lit up with joy. "Thank goodness, Charlie."

"And he's got the keys!", smiled Marco.

The snow queen rejoiced as the feline entered. "Quickly, let us go! Let us go!" Marco grabbed the keys, unlocked his shackles, and proceeded to free Elsa of hers. He helped her to her feet. "Thank you.", she said.

"You're most welcome.", sighed Marco as he held her cold, petite hands.

The warmth of his hands soothed the queen. She opened her mouth to say something special when Ariel called, "Elsa! Curly mustache man! You're safe!"

Jasmine and Belle trailed behind her. "That cat's a lifesaver.", said Belle.

"Zut alors!", gasped Quentin. "Princess Belle, is that you?"

"Oui misure, but we have to skip formalities now."

"Agreed.", nodded Kristoff. "Where's Anna?"

Right on cue, Anna crashed against the wall in a cart full of food. "Present!", she cheered, wiping the mashed vegetables off of her.

Quinn flew out while Olaf emerged with two carrot noses. "Ohoho DOUBLE the sniffage!" Sven quickly consumed one of the carrots. "Oh......okay then.", sulked the snowman.

Kristoff called to his freed friends inside. "Meet us at the front gate. We're getting out of here!"

Prince Michael and Jack Frost paced above the rocky formation as Marshmallow trudged behind them. "I don't understand.", shrugged Michael. "We've searched everywhere and those Sea Wraith maps only led to this rocky blob! So much for a Sea Wraith hideout. It's hopeless."

Jack tapped the ground with his staff. "There has to be a clue somewhere."

They suddenly heard a roar behind them, and turned to see Marshmallow swatting at fairies! One was firing tiny arrows while the others zipped around the monster. "Me no like bugs!", he bellowed.

Michael slid over and stopped the squabble, "Woah! Woah! Who are you all, now?"

The fairies calmed down. "Apologies.", nervously laughed one. "I'm Jewel. These are my friends Emily and Elise. We thought your monster may have taken Quinn."

Marshmallow groaned. "Me no take no Quinns."

"We know, pal.", said Jack Frost. "You're a good snowman."

"Me know! Me know!", cheered the monster as he hopped twice, cracking the rock beneath him.

Everyone made their way to the entrance and rendezvoused. "Follow me.", nodded Quentin. "If we hurry, we can hijack the Sea Wraith treasure galleon."

Suddenly, an eerie slow clap could be heard. Everyone turned to see the burnt pirate smirking at them. Behind him was the entire remnant of the Sea Wraith community, swords and harpoons ready. "Braaaavo.", he cackled. "A valiant, yet pointless escape. Good show." Elsa conjured up ice magic as everyone stood ready. "Oh this is just too funny! You're all going to fight? Bahaha!"

"We're just looking for Elsa.", added Michael. "Marshmallow's momma."

The snowmonster was energized by the words as he gleefully hopped, "MAMAAAA!" On the third hop, the rock below shattered, sending everyone falling into the Sea Wraith Enclave! They all landed on Marshmallow safely and quickly stood up to see the road trippers cornered by enemies.

The burnt man turned. "And who in the world are these guys, now?"

Michael ignored the comment while dusting himself off. He looked across and recognized Queen Elsa among the group. "Elsa! We've found you!"

Elsa looked passed the Sea Wraith horde and raised a brow. "Who is that?"

Anna squinted, "Is that....Marshmallow?"

The monster spotted the snow queen and roared louder than ever, "MAMMAAAAAAAAAAAA"

"Mamma mia.", facepalmed Jack Frost.

"Here we go again!", groaned Michael.

The burnt man had had enough. He ordered men to attack the groups on both sides. "Kill them all!" The Sea Wraiths screamed and attacked.

Michael leapt on Marshmallow's shoulder and exclaimed, "CHAAAAAARGE!"

Anna struck a heroic pose and yelled, "LET'S GET'EM!" Both sides clashed in the center for Arendelle's greatest summer battle in history.
Brace yourself for the most epic of confrontations! 

All Disney characters belong to their respective owners

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Elsa and her facial hair issues XD
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