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Chapter:29                Clash of the Tourists

Marshmallow mashed through a wave of pirates, sending them rolling through the air. He swiped with his massive claws as Michael cheered on his shoulder, "Go buddy! Go!"

Jack Frost dashed in, swinging his staff and unleashing blasts of ice upon foes. Emily flew above, firing her arrows at the Sea Wraith's heads, causing them much irritation. They patted their bodies as the arrows struck, as if being attacked by mosquitoes. Elise was cornered by two swordsmen until Jewel swooped in and tied their boots together. The deadly duo faceplanted while the fairies flew to safety.

Kristoff and Anna rode atop Sven as he charged into the crowd. The reindeer's antlers plowed through a line as Anna cheered. "Yaaaahooo!"

Her boyfriend noticed a harpoon soaring straight for her. He managed to catch it and use it to block an incoming sword attack. "Less cheering, more fighting!", he grunted and knocked the Sea Wraith out. He then leaned down, grabbed his sword, and handed it to Anna. "Here."

"Thanks babe.", she kissed his cheek. Her pleasant smile turned into one of battle rage as she swiped the sword. "HAAAAYA!"

Elsa conjured up an icy orb in her palms. "Marco! Quentin!", she called as the sphere began to grow. "Buy me some time!"

"On it.", nodded Marco as he looked around. "I need a sword!"

"Oh! Oh! I got some!", laughed Olaf. The pudgy snowman waddled up with three swords impaling him. "Some of those Sea Wraith guys were kind enough to donate."

Quentin smirked. "Ummmm that works!", he pulled out two swords while Marco took the last. "Let's keep those villains off of the snow queen."

Ariel and Belle ran for cover in the tavern. The French princess caught her breath, "I always read about swordfights. Never thought I'd be part of one!"

"Forget swords.", panted Ariel. "Did you see that man with the Shmuzdawhopper?"

"The what?", asked Belle.

In that instant, the door began to shake as Wraiths rammed at it. Ariel and Belle quickly piled chairs and tables against the door and backed up. "That should hold them.", smiled Ariel. " you think they know how to open windows?"

Belle gasped, looking around to see the tavern's enormous windows on all sides. In an instant, the corsairs smashed the glass and leapt in, prompting the princesses to run upstairs.

For a snow fairy, Quinn was on fire! She flew as fast as she could, punching faces and weaving through the battle. Emily was loosing another arrow when a Sea Wraith closed in from behind. It was then that Quinn glided under and removed his peg-leg, making him tumble over. Emily turned, "Quinn?"

"You're welcome!", called Quinn as she shot by to her side. They flew back to back. "Good to see you ladies coming to join the road trip."

"Join the road trip? We came here to save you!"

Quinn's temper sparked up, "I don't need any saving! Behind you!"

Emily flew under a Sea Wraith's sword, went up to his face, and pulled one of his nose hairs. The man yelped while she then poked him in his yes. "He'll need two eyepatches!", laughed Emily.

"Speaking of which.", smirked Quinn. "See that guy with the eyepatch? I'ma pull it and snap it back in his face." She blasted at super speeds to reach the eyepatched man. Much to her bewilderment, she pulled the patch back to see that the pirate had an eye! "You have an eye?", she asked.


"Why the patch?"

"I dunno. Makes me more piratey."

Quinn rolled her eyes and still snapped the patch in his face.

Quentin and Marco dueled ferociously, keeping Sea Wraiths at bay while Elsa's orb grew even to monumental size. "Just....a few......more....minutes!", she grunted.

"We can't hold them forever.", panted Quentin.

Marco was having the time of his life, swordfighting away. "Speak for yourself. This is great! En garde you Sea Wraith scum! Hahaaaaa!", he disarmed a pirate and punched him away. "Just like in the plays back home. Except you can die!", he cheered.

Elsa had spent enough time. "Brace yourselves!", she exclaimed before heaving the icy sphere into the a swarm of Sea Wraiths. It sounded like an asteroid had struck, as the icy impact froze anyone nearby and sent the rest flying by with a shockwave.

"Woah!", gasped Anna. "That was awesome, sis! Hold that thought." The redhead dueled a swordsman while her brawny boyfriend pile-drived another like a wrestler. "Hahaaa!", cheered Anna. "Now THIS is a vacation!"

"No, this is absolutely NOT a vacation.", contested Kristoff while holding a Wraith in a headlock. Several other pirates tackled him as they all tumbled on the ground.

Ariel and Belle hid behind the counter in the tavern's second floor. The men had moved on...or so they thought. Belle noticed a candle and smiled, "Lumiere! Thank goodness you're here to-" She sighed at the realization that it was just a normal candle.

Ariel scoffed, "And people call ME weird."

"Don't start, Ariel.", scolded Belle. "Your father wields a trident and you're impressed by a fork."

"It's a DINGLEHOPPER!", barked Ariel, giving away their position as a Wraith ran up the stairs.

He drew a crude-looking axe that was teeming with rust. Ariel and Belle backed up against the wall as he flashed a sinister grin.

"We're trapped!", gasped Ariel.

"Come on, it's two against one.", rationalized Belle.

"Two of you don't scare me.", hissed the man as he raised his axe high.

A voice behind him asked, "How about three?" CLANG! Princess Jasmine whacked him with a shovel.

Belle sighed in relief. "Jasmine. Are you a sight for sore eyes."

"And she's got a Shmuzdawhopper!", squeed Ariel.

Jasmine raised one of her thin black brows. "You mean the shovel?"


Jack Frost ran across the heads of several Wraiths, leaving layers of ice on them. "Talk about icecaps!", he chuckled before flying in the air. "Hey Marshmallow! I'm open!"

The snowmonster grabbed a renegade and pitched him to Jack, who smacked him with his icy cane. Prince Michael leaned over Marshmallows shoulder and stuck his hand in the beast's mouth. "I'm just gonna borrow one of these." He snapped off one of his jagged ice teeth, leapt down and used it as a club."

Jack Frost snickered, "The TOOTH hurts sometimes!"

Michael groaned. "Seriously?"

Amidst the chaos, a panicking Wraith bumped into the burnt man. "We cannot win, sir!"

Angered, the burnt man punched the coward. "Not with that attitude." he set his sights on Marco and charged. He fired a crossbow just as Elsa caught a glimpse and released her magic. The queen formed an ice wall that stopped the arrow inches from her friend's chest. The burnt man slipped on ice and misfired the second arrow, which Marshmallow took in the knee. He then drew his sword and sliced through the wall, proceeding to duel Marco. Their blades locked in a deadly standstill. "You have skills, adventurer. Where did you learn? Military? A warrior clan?"

Marco smirked through his curly mustache. "Try Thespian's Guild.", he jabbed his blade as they fought on.

Cisco and the other prisoners remained locked in the dungeon, listening to the climatic clash outside. "What in the world is going on out there?", asked the Valencian.

Olaf waddled in with a set of keys and Charlie resting on his head. "Oh you've got to come see. It's an all-out war between snowmen, snow queens, frost guys, pirates, fairies, and humans!....Oh and a reindeer."

Cisco's jaw dropped. He forced it back up and asked," about those keys?"

Anna rocket punched a Wraith while Kristoff kneed another. One of the pirates punched his abdomen, which didn't even make the blonde flinch. The mountain man sent him tumbling to the ground. Kristoff looked around the enclave battle and caught his breath. "Anna, this is getting us nowhere. There's too many."

"Right.", agreed Anna. "We need something....Something that'll really bring the house down and send everyone running."

One look at each other, and they had the same crazy idea. "Marshmallow.", they said in unison.

Elsa was busy blasting foes with ice and snow while Marco fought the burnt man. With a powerful upward swing, Marco knocked the man's sword into the air. Then the Valencian ducked, only to be kneed by the pirate. He fell over and reached for his sword, only to have his foe kick it away. The burnt man leaned down and wrapped his hands around Marco's neck, squeezing it tight.

Quentin had finished fighting when he saw the burnt man strangling Marco to death. "Marco! Hold on!", he called, only to be attacked by pirates. "Elsa! Marco needs help!"

The icy blonde dashed over to the scene, but couldn't get a clear shot from her distance. She stomped on the ground, freezing it, and formed ice skates so she could race to his aid.

Marco's vision began to blur as the burnt man choked him. His hand trembled into his pocket, pulling out his bottle of ladykiller cologne. He proceeded to spray it into the burnt man's face, irritating his scars and eyes. The man let go and stumbled back as Marco gasped for air. He wheezed, "You've got to smell your best."

The victory was short-lived, as the burnt man lunged back at him, his sword raised high. In that instant, a frosty beam struck him continuously, freezing his entire body until he was solid ice. Elsa skated by with a wink. "I've got your back!", she hollered before charging into a pile of wraiths. Marco smiled at her and tipped his hat.

Anna noticed bands of prisoners fleeing the dungeons and making for their hijacked ships. "Looks like Olaf's handiwork.", she smiled.

Kristoff looked up at Marshmallow and then to his girlfriend. "You ready for this?"

"Born ready.", she winked. "Marshmallow!" The monster glared at her. "Now!"

Marshmallow, content with Anna (Thanks to Prince Michael's therapy), nodded and punched the rocky walls as hard as he could. He kept punching as a Sea Wraith yelled, "He's gonna wreck it! Run!"

Soon, the entire lair was collapsing in on itself. The remaining pirates fled for their lives while Quentin hopped on the ship with the Valencian treasure. "All aboard if you want to live!" The fairies all flew aboard as the french sailor got the ship moving. Next, Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle hopped on. Anna, Kristoff and Olaf rode Sven onboard while Cisco grabbed Charlie. Jack Frost slid atop the ship as Marshmallow.....yes Marshmallow....stomped onboard, nearly sinking them. Prince Michael just barely caught the edge of the ship's bow as he pulled himself up. "Is that everyone?"

Anna's eyes scoured the deck. "Where's Elsa?....and Marco?"

Marco and Elsa were dashing for the departing galleon, dodging falling rubble. It was then that a massive boulder struck the ground in front of them, creating a chasm that sent Marco rolling into it! Elsa dove after him, just catching his hand. "I've got you!", she exclaimed.

Marco kept his hat on and looked down to the chasm below. His feet dangled over a seemingly bottomless pit that sent a shiver down his spine. In that instant, he noticed something just above the dark abyss. There, on a tiny ledge, was his ladykiller cologne, dangerously close to falling. Marco stretched out his hand, attempting to grab it.

"Marco? What are you doing?", panicked Elsa. "Give me your other hand. I can't hold you! Marco!"

The explorer kept his gaze on the cologne bottle, stretching as far as he could. "I can reach it, Elsa. I can....almost reach it."

"Marco!", Elsa pleaded. "Give me your other hand. You're slipping!"

Marco's fingers just barely grazed the cologne. "I can get it. I can get it.", he replied, as if entranced by the cologne. "I can almost get it.", he stretched.

"Darling...", said Elsa in a soothing voice, prompting Marco to look up.  He gazed at her beautiful blue eyes, softly flowing hair, and joyous smile. She said, "Let it go."

Marco felt a change of heart, choosing Elsa over his smelly cologne. He gave the queen his other hand as she heaved with all of her might. She tugged as hard as possible, eventually hoisting him to safety. To return the favor, Marco swept her off of her feet and ran for the ship.

"Hurry!", called Kristoff as the galleon neared the cave's mouth. "You can make it!"

With one powerful leap, Marco made for the ship, tossing Elsa onboard and sacrificing himself. That is....if Kristoff hadn't caught him! With everyone safe on the ship, they narrowly slipped out of the enclave before it came crashing down.

There was a long silence over the land. Only the waves could be heard colliding with the ship. Princess Anna was leaning on Kristoff, looking at all of her weary friends. Elsa hugged Marco, relieved that everyone was safe. She looked up at him and began to say something when Anna broke the silence. "So.....when's the next road trip?"
The greatest battle has begun! Join the Royal Road Trippers as they clash with an army of blood-thirsty Sea Wraiths! Stay tuned for the epilogue.

All Disney characters belong to their respective owners

link to fanpage royal-road-trip-fans.deviantar…

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Wow, darn , the cologne is gone! Oh and:
Ariel scoffed, "And people call ME weird."

"Don't start, Ariel.", scolded Belle. "Your father wields a trident and you're impressed by a fork."

"It's a DINGLEHOPPER!", barked Ariel, giving away their position as a Wraith ran up the stairs. 
Best princess scene  EVER! 
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