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Chapter:30                         Epilogue

Kai was sitting in the lobby when Gerda came rushing in. "You, are not going to believe this!"

The older servant chuckled, "I've seen a snowmonster attack the kingdom and take you hostage while a man in drag tried to talk him out of it. Try me."

Both he and Gerda joined a crowd looking out over the fjord. "I don't believe it.", said Kai with widened eyes.

A ship could be seen sailing into harbor with Elsa, Anna, and the others waving to applause. Upon docking, Anna ran down sighed, "Ahhh home sweet home."

"You and me both.", replied her sister.

"PRINCESS ANNA! QUEEEEEEN ELSA!", scolded Kai as both girls cringed. "You'd better have a good explanation for this prolonged absence! Anna, you asked for trouble, but Elsa, you should no better as queen."

Elsa stood tall. "Kai, as queen it is my duty to protect my family and the people of Arendelle. My sister did indeed ask for trouble...and it answered." She glared at Anna while she pouted. "And no one was going to save her rambunctious self other than me. So yes. I left the kingdom to save my sister. Just as she did for me during the eternal freeze last summer. I assume full responsibility for the entire incident."

"Woah! Sis. No.", interrupted Anna. "Kai, this was all my fault and I should be punished."

"I let her go.", added Kristoff. "I'm to blame."

"Por favor.", said Marco. "None of this would have happened if I hadn't found them camping. I am the culprit."

"I'm a snowman.", begged Olaf. "It's alllllll my fault!"

Sven groaned sadly. Let's just assume he took blame too.

Kai looked at all of them. "Well, I see it as you're all equally guilty. Lucky for you, there is plenty of room in our dungeons for all of you."

"WHAT?!", they all gasped simultaneously.

Kai smirked sinisterly. "I hereby proclaim myself king of Arendelle, charge you all with treason.....and sentence you all to death." Everyone was in total shock, until Kai laughed aloud. "You should've seen your faces!" He embraced Elsa and Anna at the same time. "It's so good to see you both safe. Saving people, recovering treasure, and stopping the infamous Sea Wraiths? You are undoubtedly Arendelle's bravest girls. Your parents would be so proud of you two." The girls grew sentimental, hugging the servant tight while everyone applauded around them.

Quinn grimaced and writhed on Marco's shoulder. "AGH! The feeeels, man. The feeeels!"

"I'd love to hear all about your journey.", smiled Kai. "You missed a giant snowman attack!"

Elsa stopped dead in her tracks. "Speaking of which...." She turned and walked towards the snowmonster. "Hello Marshmallow. I-"

Her titanic creation embraced her tighter than ever. "MAAAAAAMAAAA!!!!!! MAMA! MAMA! MAAAAMAA!", he bellowed with joy, swaying the queen left and right. "ME LOVE YOU!"

Elsa hugged him back. "Me....erhm....I love you too, sweetheart. I always will." She began to frown while rubbing the snow monster's shoulder. "Oh Marshmallow, I'm so sorry I left you alone. No child deserves that, and I was selfish. Can you ever forgive me?"

The monster giggled in his deep voice. "Of course me forgive you! You my Mama! Me always love you." He hugged her even tighter, squeezing the breath out of her.

An joyful tear dripped down the queen's cheek as she embraced her creation. "You'll always be my big boy."

In that instant, Marshmallow put Elsa down and waved goodbye. "Ok. Me happy now, and go back to mountain. Bye Mama!"

"Wait!", called Elsa as the monster stopped. She took his enormous hand. "You're not going anywhere. I want you to stay with us! Here in Arendelle!"

The monster gasped, "Re....Really?"

She nodded. "Of course, dear. You can help Kristoff deliver ice in the mornings. I'll make you a personal ice house next to the castle  and give you one of these!", she sparked up some ice magic and formed a massive personal flurry over Marshmallow. He gasped and squeed while leaping for joy.

"Me so happy!", he roared and hugged Elsa yet again.

Quinn squirmed and wriggled on Marco's shoulder. "Geeeagh! The feeeeeeeeeeeeeels!"

When the snowmonster put the queen down, Prince Michael rushed over to her, taking a bow. "Queen Elsa.", he began. "Now that all is resolved we can get back to this suitor dilemma. I am Prince Michael of-"

Jack Frost swatted him away with his staff. "Hello, Queen Elsa.", he nodded. "I heard you were looking for suitors who-"

Michael tackled him. "I saw her first!"

"No! I did!", barked Jack as they tussled.

Michael shoved him off and grabbed Elsa's right arm. "Oh yeah? Well I made a shipping name!"

"So did I!", growled Jack as he grabbed Elsa's left arm.

Anna couldn't help but giggle as the two men pulled and tugged at her sister.

"MichaElsa!", grunted Michael.

"Jelsa!", huffed Jack with another pull.

Elsa was swaying left and right as the debate tug-o-war continued.





"Kristanna.", sighed Anna as she leaned on her boyfriend.

"You owe me another sled.", he nudged her.

"Stay out of this!", yelled Jack and Michael.

The queen had had enough. She blasted both men away with her ice magic. She calmed herself before responding. "Apologies, but I am henceforth and no longer looking for a suitor." She walked over to the others with a huff.

Anna hugged her. "My solo-flying sister. Just like Princess Merida of DunBroch."

Jack and Michael's heads shot up. "Is she still single?"

Anna raised a brow. "Ummmm yes?"

Prince Michael announced with a grin. "TO SCOTLAND!" He shook Marshmallow's hand. "Well buddy, it's been a blast. Take care of yourself okay?"

The monster hugged him. "Me never forget you."

Michael sighed and pointed at Marshmallow's chest. "I'll always be here."

"In me snow?"

"Sure, let's go with that." He took Jack's hand as they flew off. "Tally-ho!"

Jack Frost muttered to him. "Hey what sounds better? Jerida or Mack?"

Elsa shook her head as they departed. "Men." She turned and locked eyes with Marco, her heart nearly stopping. Deep down, she knew why she really dismissed the other suitors.

Quinn fluttered by everyone. "Well humans, it's been one heck of a ride. But alas, I must return to the land of snow fairies." She flew by each road tripper and hugged their side of their face. "Goodbye Olaf. Goodbye Sven, ole buddy." She hugged Elsa's cheek. "Take care, Queen Elsa."

"Do come visit Arendelle when you can.", replied the icy blonde.

"I promise.", she nodded and flew up to Marco.

"Goodbye goofball." she sniffled.

Marco smirked, "Quinn.....are you crying?"

"SHUT UP OF COURSE I'M NOT CRYING YOU EGOTISTICAL,!" The fairy bursted into tears and embraced him. "Who am I kidding? Agh!  I HATE FEEEEEELS!", she sobbed.

Marco held her in his hand. "I'll miss you, Quinn."

"Whatevs. I'll miss you too, but lose the curly mustache, will ya? Ya goof.", she winked. "Stay out of trouble, don't make me fly here to kick your butt."

Quinn fluttered up to Anna and Kristoff. "Well lovebirds, thanks for the adventure." She tugged at one of Anna's pigtails. "Take care of your man, cause he'd give his life up for you."

"And I would for him.", she put her arm around him. "Forever."

"Forever.", chuckled Kristoff.

Anna's smile faded. "Something funny about that?"

"No, it's can only be forever, if you'd have me."

The redhead's blue eyes lit up as her breath was taken away. Kristoff suddenly took her hand and got down on bended knee. "Princess Anna of Arendelle, from the day we met in Wandering Oaken's you've taken me on more adventures than I could've ever imagined. I still can't believe I followed you on this one!" Anna giggled while tears of joy already formed in her eyes. "Now, will you let me take you on an adventure?" He pulled out his mahogany-colored pouch and removed a gleaming ring from it. The gorgeous ring glistened with the rarest of jewels found in the troll grottos. "Will you marry me?"

She nodded rapidly while crying. "Yes. Oh yes! Yes! I will!" Kristoff smiled up at her as she leapt into his arms and sent both of them falling over. They kissed as everyone cheered and applauded around them.

Quinn felt her heart stop as she fell to the ground. "THE FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS!", she squirmed as her fairy friends flew her away in stretcher made of leaves.

Marco applauded, looking over at Elsa with a sigh.

After some joyous festivities, the road trippers gathered in the harbor. Cisco tugged at one of the galleon's sails. "We're ready to depart for Valencia!", he called down. He looked at Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Quentin and Charlie, "After a few stops, at least."

"Thanks, Cisco!", called Marco. "I just need a few minutes." He knelt down to Olaf. "I'm going to miss you, snowman. You never....ever stopped believing in me." He hugged Olaf tight.

"You'll always be my hero." replied Olaf with a warm hug.

Marco stood up and pet Sven. "Goodbye.", Sven gave him a huge lick across the face, making one of his mustache curls droop. "Awww."

The explored embraced Anna and Kristoff. "Farewell, you two. I can't thank you enough for everything. I never could've done any of this without you."

"We should be thanking you for such an adventure.", smiled Princess Anna.

"Stay safe out there Marco.", nodded Kristoff. "I hope we meet again."

"Me too, señor." He looked over at Queen Elsa. "Me too."

As he made his way to her, Anna spoke to the others, "Why don't we give them some alone time." They departed, leaving Elsa and Marco at the docks.

Elsa was dressed in a long ice dress with a regal cape. A silver tiara with an encrusted sapphire rested atop her platinum blonde head. She looked at the ground with an expression of sadness. Marco gently tilted her head upwards, "Elsa..."

Elsa spoke, "Goodbye, Marco."

Marco's face saddened. "Goodbye, Queen Elsa. Thank you for everything." He reached for his hat, extracted the yellow feather that acted as an ornament, and offered it to her. "So you will never forget me."

The icy blonde slowly took it. "Thank you, Marco." She removed a white gold necklace from around her neck. It bore the crest of Arandelle.  "And, please, take this, so you’ll remember all of us and the adventure we shared." She sadly smiled.

Marco took it and immediately put it on. He looked at Elsa with a faint smile. "I will never forget you, Queen Elsa of Arendelle."

The two stood in silence for quite a while, seemingly expecting the other to say something. It was eventually Cisco who broke the silence.

"Marco! We’ll be setting sail shortly."

Marco snapped out of his longing stare for Elsa. "Oh, um, yes. Thank you." He slowly turned and began to board the ship.

Elsa spoke quickly. "Marco...."

The explorer turned back as both he and Elsa, in perfect harmony, embraced each other tightly. After a long moment, Marco kissed her hand and boarded the ship, which sailed moments after.

♪  How Could I Have Let You Go?

Elsa: …Could we have had a chance..?

**the scene changes to Marco on the boat**

Marco: **on the edge, looking back at the disappearing Arendelle** *sighs* We didn’t have a chance…Did we..?

**slow, sad music would start as we go back to Elsa**

What is this longing feeling
That I have found in my heart
He was nothing more than a flirtatious fool
At least, at the start

Though he was a braggart
And nowhere near brave
Should I really have let
This one get away?

**she heads back for the castle as the view fades back to Marco on the boat, still looking out upon the sea**

She seemed so serious and cold
Like a typical queen from the start
But somehow her icy spirit
Has found its way into my heart

She’s more than just a pretty face
She is sweet and she is kind
Why can’t I seem to shake this feeling
Why can’t I get her off my mind?

**back to Elsa, this time she is on the castle balcony, looking out onto the sea**

So many suitors attempted
To flirt with me and failed
But he went further than petty lines
Is it possible he prevailed?

**Anna notices Elsa and steps out onto the balcony, but remains in the doorway**

Anna: Elsa? Are you OK?

Elsa: *turns and puts on a smile* Oh, yes, I’m fine.

**Anna gives her a concerned look, but leaves, leaving her alone again**

I loved to keep a smile
Upon her lovely face
And no matter what I had to do
For her I could be brave

((the screen is split. Marco is on the left side and Elsa on the right))

Both Together
Perhaps you were the one
The match made just for me

The one who understands me
Who goes beyond looks alone

The one who showed me
How to be brave and strong

Both Together
What did fate have in store?
For us, we may never know.
Oh how could I have been such a fool
How could I have let you go?

((the screen focuses on Elsa only))

Surely it was love we shared
Both Marco and I
How could I have let him go?
I blame my foolish pride! **she stomps and the balcony is coated in a thin sheet of ice as places one hand on her forehead in frustration and regret**

((the scene changes back to Marco))

Elsa was the right one
The woman meant for me
How could I have been so blind
To what anyone else could see **he kicks over a barrel, sending Cisco rolling. He turns back to the ocean, ignoring the fact he caused a ruckus**

((the picture splits once again))

Both Together
And I guess now we will never know
If you were the match made for me

((just Elsa))

My cowardly hero
My dancing Romeo

((just Marco))

My beautiful snowflake
My gorgeous Juliet

((both once more))

Both Together
Now fate has driven us away,
Away from one another
I will find a way to make things right
Goodbye cannot be forever!

I don’t want to be alone again

No more hopeless flirts

Both Together
You’re the one I want to be with
For better or for worse!

((the two take out the other’s parting gift and cradle it in their hands. They both shed a single tear as the music is nothing but a few small notes to keep the rhythm and beat))

((only Marco))

Elsa, please forgive me
I simply didn’t know

((only Elsa))

I thought that it would be best
But I was a fool to let you go

((the screen is split, but they are not singing the same words or at the same time))
And now I see

Too late I know

You were my true love

That I simply let go

And I hope

And I pray

Both Together
That goodbye is not forever
And we will be together

((they both look upward toward the sky, hugging the other’s gift tightly against their chests))

((music ends))

Olaf waddled into her bedroom. "Elsa?"

She turned, "Hello, Olaf."

"Everyone's asking for you downstairs. Don't you wanna come dance?" The queen grimaced at the last word as thoughts of dancing with Marco ran through her mind. Olaf sat next to her. "Elsa, what's wrong? You can tell me. I love you." Elsa played with Marco's yellow feather. "Oh, you miss Marco."

Elsa choked up, "Yes."

"Did you tell him how you feel?"

"Sort of. He knows I'll miss him, as he will miss me."

Olaf leaned on his creator. "You know, just because you're the queen doesn't mean you have to be so stoic. Come on....gimme a hug." She did so as he held her tight. "That's it, Elsa."

She sighed, "Olaf, what do I do? I miss him so much." She leapt up and started to wave her arms around. "I can't get him out of my head! How he leapt in front of that dragon! How I couldn't let him fall! How we fought side by side like we'd rehearsed it! He's silly, noble, and really cute-" She stopped herself. "Listen to me! I sound like Anna!"

Olaf giggled. "No. You sound in love." Elsa paused at the snowman's words. "Ask your heart. Do you love him, Elsa?"

She formed a smile through her red lips as Olaf grinned back.

Fireworks blasted across the kingdom of Valencia. People ran through the streets, cheering and leaping for joy as the king and queen gave a speech. "People of Valencia!", rejoiced Queen Luisa. "We are gathered here today, to celebrate the return of our treasure, and the birth of a hero!"

King Raul raised the explorer's hand. "I give you, the real Mighty Marco!"

Luisa nudged him. "Honey, that's his friend."

The king looked down at Cisco. "Oh, whoops. Guards, kill this one."

"Woah!", shrieked Luisa. "No! Just let him go."

"Fiiiiiine.", sulked Raul. "Let's try this again." He raised up Marco's hand. "I give you, the real Mighty Marco!

Everyone cheered as Luisa said, "Because while he may have lied to us, he pulled through with pure determination, and became a true hero because of it! Long live Marco!"

Marco waved with a smile. He thought the women before loved him as a fraud? Now they swarmed around him  as a celebrity! But to him, none of them mattered anymore. He couldn't stop thinking about Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

"Marco!", called an elderly voice that made his heart leap.

He turned with a joyous face, "Father!" He ran over and embraced the old man.

His father had tears in his eyes as he caressed his boy's face. "I always knew you were destined for greatness. My son. My champion."

By a turn of fate, a woman called, "Marco? Little Marco?"

This voice gave him a chill. He turned to see his long-forgotten mother, standing before him. "Ma.....mother?"

She sighed with a smile. "Si. It's me! I heard the news. And I knew it had to be you." She held out her arms for a hug.

Marco kept a serious face at the old woman, the memories of her leaving flooded his thoughts. She could still hear her calling him and his father a failure. All he wanted to do, was tell her off about how he was right and she was wrong. How she was cruel to abandon both of them. Suddenly, a new thought entered his mind. He saw Marshmallow hugging Elsa.

"Oh Marshmallow, I'm so sorry I left you alone. No child deserves that, and I was selfish. Can you ever forgive me?"

The monster giggled in his deep voice. "Of course me forgive you! You my Mama! Me always love you." He hugged her even tighter, squeezing the breath out of her.

Marco pondered the thought, took a deep breath, ran up, and hugged his mother!

The old woman was crying hysterically. "Aye Marco. My little Marco. I'm sorry for everything. I was such a selfish, inconsiderate fool. I'm an awful mother! How could I have been so cruel? I don't deserve to live.......Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?"

Marco looked at her with tears in his own eyes. "I already have. You're my mother. And I will always love you."

Captain Marik docked his ship and leapt to the ground. He was a tall man with a brown beard and an eyepatch. He fell to his knees, shocked that his entire empire.....was destroyed. "Who is responsible for this?!"

Suddenly, a sultry voice said, "I know."

He turned with a growl to see Eris, the goddess of chaos. "Who are you, spirit?"

She chuckled. " your key to vengeance." She stretched out her hand. "Come on. There's someone who'd be very happy to have you."

Captain Marik eagerly  took the goddess by the hand as both disappeared in an inky cloud.

In the kingdom of Corona, an old woman with  a pleasant grin walked into her cottage with a basket. She pulled out a plate of freshly baked, chocolate-chip cookies and placed them on the table. She said, "There you go, Hector."

"Thanks!", said the huge ex-criminal as he gorged on the cookies. He spoke with his mouthful. "You're the best, Mum! I love you!"

"Awww I love you so much more, dearie. It's so nice to have you home again. Who's my big baby boy?"

Hector giggled like a goof, his mouth covered in chocolate, "I am! I am!"

Several months later......

Kai cleared his throat. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Princess Anna, and Kristoff Bjorgman."

Queen Elsa watched with joyful tears as her sister was betrothed. Anna was dressed in a gorgeous white gown with icy highlights added by her big sister. Kristoff was in a seafoam-colored uniform with gold buttons. Olaf presented the rings as the couple said their vows.

Kai announced, "By the joining of your hands  and the giving of these rings, I now pronounce you husband and wife." He turned to Kristoff. "Congratulations. You may kiss your bride."

Without hesitation, Kristoff pulled Anna close as they shared the kiss of true love. Gerda teared up next to Elsa as they applauded. She noticed something in the queen's hair......A yellow feather.

Elsa looked at her with a wink.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Weselton's bodyguards were disguised as Arendelle royals. They applauded while looking at each other with exchanged, devious nods.

In the prospering kingdom of Valencia, Marco was now living in a luxurious manorhouse. His hair was well groomed and his mustache was trimmed. They were now thin strips, instead of curls. He leaned over the balcony, looking out to sea with a sigh. His father came over and leaned next to him. "Someone calling you elsewhere?"


"Marco, my son. You never even look at other girls anymore. What troubles your heart?"

Marco kept looking at the waves. "There is someone. But I don't know how she truly feels."

His father chuckled. "Look at me, Marco. Search inside yourself. Do you love this woman?"

He nodded, "With all of my heart."

"Then follow your heart, my son. You're adventure in this kingdom is ending. Your destiny lies across that sea. Go to her. Discover the truth. And should you fail.....what better way is there to live?"

Marco smiled and hugged his father. "I will, father. I love you."

"I love you too, son. Now go. Find your true love!"

Marco dashed out of the manorhouse and headed for the harbor. He leapt aboard the deck of his personal ship. "Full speed to Arendelle!", he exclaimed. He held the wheel and looked at the necklace Elsa gave him. "Hold on, Elsa." he smiled. "I'm sailing for you!"

THE END...........

Is only the beginning!

              The gang will return in Royal Road Trip: 2.....

Thank you to all of my readers and supporters for making this possible! Thank you  to Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck for making such amazing characters that we all love and treasure.

As you many may have noticed, mothers are a recurring theme in this story. I dedicate this story to my late mother, Olga Illumida Pineda. I will always love you.

Trivia: I was known to throw tantrums, during which I'd scream..."MOMMAAAAAAAA!"

I dedicate this story to all of the mother's out there.

If your mother is still living, I want you to go to her today (if you can't reach her, call her) and thank her for all she does, whether she sees it or not. And you make sure, regardless of any situation in life, that you tell her you LOVE her.

And if your mother has left you.....YOU ARE NOT ALONE...and your love will go on forever.

Long Live Imagination!
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Royal Road Trip II - Chapter: 1
Chapter: 1                    Birthday
    It was springtime in the kingdom of Arendelle. Beautiful crocuses bloomed across the rolling hills and grassy plains. Birds soared above, singing their little hearts out. The kingdom's kindly inhabitants were up and about, enjoying the fine weather and sounds of nature. "Ready!" called Kai, the head royal servant. "Steady......Heave!" At his command, a group of servants yanked on a series of ropes. They pulled with all of their might as a new roof was hoisted on the stables. Apparently, Kai had miscounted the amount of servants he'd need for such an endeavor. The men tugged away at the ropes, but the roof began to slip. "Oh no....nononono," worried Kai.
    "ME HELP!" bellowed a voice behind him that made him cringe. 
    He quickly turned to see a monstrous snowman towering over him. "Ahhhhhh Marshmallow! Just in

Long Live Imagination!
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What I really loved was the songs, originals, perfectly described, and they simply made me feel so much! The last one especialy, Elsa and Marco singing was so beautiful, it had thrown an arrow of feels right onto my heart and if it was not thaw... it now is. I cried for heaven sake! You're one of the only writer who ever had me cry.
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No problem for the support! Remember! 'When death occurs, Hope and Rebirth.' -Sailor Saturn (random quote from the manga books: Sailor Moon) I see something greater is going to occur in this series! Keep it up and go forward, never go backwards.
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I hope RRT Fans continues to grow into a lovely community. Onethat inspires others to draw and create even more.
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"And cut!" Said Discord as the story has finished. "I would like to thank all of people for helping with the music, the lighting, everything." He told them as they applauded.

"The song, the feels, the marriage, the sinister plots, oh I can't wait for the sequel." He smiled.

"For the script for part two. War, betrayal, tragedy and the death of a character." He finished.

"Time to make a poll Michael, who must die in the sequel:


And many more potential character deaths, or is it a secret?." The Draconequus finished.

"Now if you'll excuse me I must prepare my grand appearance for Book 6." He then went inside his trailer to prepare himself.
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